For Your Awareness About Our Massages

For anyone getting a massage for the first time, or just the first time with us, we thought we'd lay everything on the line so you'll know what to expect.

For more information on our specialty spa treatments, please see our Awareness-Spa page.

Massages are performed in our comfortable office by massage practitioners abounding in positive energies.

Before the massage begins, the client and practitioner will review the client's health history and concerns. On the initial visit, brief paperwork is required, and on subsequent visits the client must alert the practitioner of any changes. We want to be sure that massage will be to your benefit, and to avoid complications with any of the few health conditions where massage is not indicated. For any clients below age 18, we request that a parent or guardian be present in the massage room for the duration of the session.

The areas of the body which can be massaged during table massages include: the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, back, upper chest, abdomen, hips, buttocks, legs, feet, arms, and hands. If a client is uncomfortable with any of these areas being massaged, this should be made clear before the session begins. Furthermore, any trouble areas should be pointed out so that additional focus can be placed on them if desired.

The massage is best performed with the client fully disrobed. The practitioner will show the client to the massage room and then exit as the client privately prepares for the session. Once the client is ready and begins to relax on the massage table, the practitioner will return to the room to begin the treatment.

The client should take comfort in the privacy and modesty assured by fully professional draping with sheets that offer complete coverage. Before, during, and after the massage, the client's body will be covered securely, with only the area of the body under active work to be undraped at any point in time.

Generally, a skin lubricant is used to more effectively deliver a wide range of therapeutic massage techniques. The client can choose between lotion/cream, oil, and massage gel. We use high quality products, however should the client be concerned with any residue that might remain on the skin, this can be wiped off on the draping sheets following the massage.

During the massage, the practitioner will typically confirm that the pressure being delivered is appropriate and to otherwise generally assure the client's comfort. If the practitioner deems it useful as the massage transpires, the client may be asked for occasional participation in the work being done (such as some simple breath control or tightening certain muscles).

At the session's completion, the practitioner will leave the massage room so that the client can privately get ready to depart. The client will then exit the massage room, settle any payment/gratuity, and can schedule another appointment before leaving the office.

Following a session, Replenishing Touch Massage clients are strongly encouraged to drink plenty of water to enhance our work and help replenish the body from within. We will offer water after each massage.

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