For Your Awareness About Our Spa Treatments

We offer some treatments that extend beyond the typical massage experience described on our general Awareness page.

While that information applies to these treatments, here are some additional details about the procedures and what to expect.

Age-Defying Facial Cupping Treatment
Relax as your face is indulged with gentle, targeted work that yields profound results.

For centuries, Europeans have turned to cupping to maintain and restore a youthful appearance to the face. To renew and honor this tradition, we use modern cupping equipment handblown in glass by artisans & expressly designed for the delicate tissues and complex contours of the face.

It's a soothing treatment which uses gentle suction and mimics the mechanisms of the body's lymphatic system. Circulation of both blood and lymph are boosted to help deliver nutrients and moisture to cells perhaps neglected and support elimination of the body's metabolic wastes and any toxins its tissues have accumulated. Your face is left feeling alive and supple!

Results frequently seen include:

  • reduction in appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • plumping of the lips
  • a lifted look, especially around the eyes and jowls
  • skin coloration appears more even
  • loosening of rigid muscles around the jaw easing the symptoms of TMJ disorders
  • lessening of sinus symptoms associated with inflammation and infections
The cups used for this treatment are specifically designed to administer a gentle suction appropriate for the tissues of the face. It's therefore very unusual to result in the temporary and painless discolorations sometimes experienced from cupping other areas of the body. However, in cases of extreme toxicity, temporary cupping discolorations are a possible result from this treatment. While quite unlikely to occur, you should be informed of this potential drawback. Our Awareness‑Cupping page has full details.

Clients have stated that thoughts of getting a face lift or other cosmetic surgery now seems unfathomable after experiencing the results from this comfortable non-surgical and virtually side-effect free facial cupping treatment.

The results do vary according to the age and condition of the face (and other factors including quality/quantity of food and water intake, exposure to the sun, genetics, etc.), but are cummulative with successive treatments. One session's results may be visually noticible for about 8-14 days but optimal results tend to be achieved with a series of 8-12 visits at a frequency of about every 4 days. Maintenance treatments can then be spaced at about 2-4 weeks apart.

Herbal Exfoliation Body Wrap
Experience deep relaxation as the skin is smoothed and softened during this specialty treatment.
  • the client's body is draped in a fashion to minimize skin coverage but still ensure privacy/modesty
  • the skin is exfoliated using a gentle, invigorating dry brush technique
  • hot towels are applied to enhance comfort and relaxation as the treatment transpires
  • a warm sachet of herbs is dipped in heated oil and is then applied to the body and lightly massaged in
  • the client is wrapped up in warm swaddling comfort to allow the effects of the herbs and oil to sink in
  • a scalp and/or face massage can be performed if desired, as time allows - the client's head is not wrapped up
  • we allow the client about 10 minutes of peace as we leave the room, only a call away if needed. This resting period allows for an extraordinarily deep level of relaxation and for the skin's pores to help purify the body with a warm, gentle sweat within the wrap
  • we return to the treatment room to unwrap the client and provide instructions to end the treatment, so as to aid in stepping back gradually to reality following this luxurious, therapeutic escape
This treatment is not recommended for those who are claustrophobic. The wrap is akin to the warm, comforting feeling of being wrapped snuggly in bed linens - to a new level. As such it's not overly confining and many people find it to be an amazing experience.

Hot Stone Massage
A spa enhancement to our Signature Massages, another level of soothing comfort is experienced as smooth warmed stones are used throughout the treatment.

The heated stones are specifically suited for holding warmth and to feel comfortable on the skin and its underlying tissues. Stones of varying sizes are selected as appropriate for the body's contours. They're held in the practitioner's hands and moved along the skin, or may be left stationary on certain spots for therapeutic or relaxation purposes.

Surprisingly, many clients report that they don't actually feel stones on their skin, but rather that the massage therapist's hands just feel intensely, comfortably, and soothingly warm as the stones glide along and seem to melt away muscular tension. The technique delivers a vivid and radiating warmth to the body that feels "just right" - nothing invasive nor overwhelming, even on a hot summer's day. The stones that are left stationary feel pleasantly calming as their weight and warmth influence the muscles they target.

All the benefits of a traditional massage are also seen with the technique using hot stones. The main difference is the use of the heated stones and their delivery of soothing warmth. Some find that deeper pressure delivered with hot stones is less invasive and more easily tolerated than deep tissue work done without the stones. The sensation is very pleasant and must be experienced to be fully understood.

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