Benefits of Massage

It's said that humans require the touch of others to survive. Massage is a form of professional touch that provides abounding benefits. While pictured and described in ancient Egyptian artifacts, only recently has widespread acknowledgment of massage's benefits begun to reach the mainstream.

University of Miami School of Medicine's Touch Research Institute has scientifically studied massage and its effects, confirming among many other benefits that massage:

  • alleviates pain
  • improves quality of sleep
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • increases ability to concentrate, pay attention, and learn
  • improves immune function
  • supports effective digestion and breathing
  • encourages dietary compliance for diabetics
  • helps lower blood pressure and anxiety for those with hypertension
  • reduces length of suffering from migraines & other headaches
  • increases range of motion
  • eases asthma symptoms and the anxiety surrounding it
  • helps relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms
  • aids in reducing addiction cravings - smoking included
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